Exercise Program: President’s Challenge

Felix Padilla - Fall 2014 Weight Loss Winner

Felix Padilla – Fall 2014 Weight Loss Winner! Standing with Master Al

Use the President’s Challenge online to track your exercise and earn awards!

Any exercise you do between  September 1 – August 31 of each year, can be recorded and used to earn awards!

NOTE: you can only record exercise starting from the first day of login, so if you login on Sept 10th, you can put all exercise from Sept. 1-10 on that first day, then log appropriately after this.

How to sign-up

1) Register yourself online

Create your OWN username and password.

2) Pick a challenge

Both challenges earn you the same points for whatever activity you do

  • “Presidential Champions” tracks your exercise whenever you do it (choose this one if you’re not sure which one to do)
  • “PALA” is more regimented asking for 5/days a week of activity and 1 eating change per week for 6 weeks

3) Join your respective group

Click on “groups” – you will see where you can look-up a group by name or the number. Then JOIN your group!

Group Name: CFOT Messengers of Light
Group Number: 946610

Group Name: CFOT Heralds
Group Number: 944364

Group Name: CFOT Staff
Group Number: 941450

4) Click “Tracker”

Record your activity in this section

5) Have fun exercising and earning stuff!

*Note that only the group administrators can see your actual points. No one else in your group can see your points so no worries about being embarrassed etc. You can see the groups average points and the highest points though, so you know where you stand.

Items you can earn with your points (items vary)

View/Order Awards

1500 = Sweat towel (apx 5 hour item)
2500 = Winter cap (apx 10 hour item)
7000 = Cotton tee (apx 20 hour item)
10,000 = Mesh shorts (apx 30 hour item)
12,000 = Dri-fit shirt, Cinch-sac (apx 40 hour items)
15,000 = Sweatshirt, Windbreaker, Sweatpants, Flip-flops (apx 50 hour items)
40,000 = BRONZE MEDAL from President’s Challenge
90,000 = SILVER MEDAL from President’s Challenge
160,000 = GOLD MEDAL from President’s Challenge
1,000,000 = PLATINUM MEDAL from President’s Challenge

More Details

Ok, so what’s the President’s Challenge, you ask?
It’s a great way for you to be active and have fun. You can choose from two free challenges that will help you get on a healthy track for an opportunity to earn awards:

About the challenges

  • Presidential Champions, challenges you to be more active more often—the more active you are, the more points you’ll earn toward our awards:
    PC is only about earning points and does not include healthful eating markers, nor is it concerned with anything particular being done within a time frame.  You exercise – you earn points!  This is a great challenge to start after PALA – or start right on it.
  • The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) challenge, helps people make physical activity and healthy eating a part of their everyday lives:
    PALA is a 6 week program where you must exercise 5 days a week for at least 30 min. each day, and you must choose 1 new eating adjustment each week – in order to complete the challenge.  You have 8 weeks to complete the 6 week PALA challenge.  Points are earned during this too – but the main focus for completing is on exercise time and making healthier food choices.  This is a good starter program.

No matter which challenge you choose – you will earn points.  If you complete PALA and then start PC – your points will just keep adding up.  You don’t lose any when you start a new challenge or switch challenges at any time.

How to Switch Challenges

The PALA Challenge isn’t so user friendly for the long run and makes you start over every 8 weeks.  It also doesn’t let you back-date very easily.  In order to change your challenge:

Log in – then click through the following:

  • Account Settings” (button at bottom of page)
  • Change Challenge” (listed on the left of your account info)
  • Select “Presidential Champions” – it will tell you you’re going to lose information, but it’s only the nutritional info.  All your points carry over.
  • Save” (button at bottom)

You should be able to log exercise much easier after this, including back-dating.

Once you join your group, you will be able to

  • Log your activities and earn points that will count toward your group’s total & help you earn CFOT gear and President’s Challenge awards – you will earn actual medals when you reach certain levels!
  • See how you’re doing compared to your other group members
  • Compete against the other groups! – even though the groups aren’t that even numbers-wise, it’s ok, we can turn it into a percentage to see who is ahead
  • Interact with other members in your group forum
  • Create your own groups with whoever you want, if you want!  And keep each other motivated!  You can lead or be a part of as many groups as you want!
  • Add a profile picture that will display in your group (or you can hide your information from other group members, if you prefer)
  • Have fun and encourage each other to be active and healthy!

So log in and let’s all get started!! Have fun with this!

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Medal Earners for President’s Challenge

*Gold Medal; 160,000 Points ~ 535 hours*
Messengers of Light ('16): Teri Jo Suhoney, Jamie Suhoney
Heralds of Grace ('15): Joshua Morales, Angelys Maldonado, Felix Padilla, Dolly Vasquez, Jennifer Buzzard, LeNissa Rivera
Disciples of the Cross ('14): Damon Bethel, Phillip Davies, Shareena Lee
Staff: E. Lewanne Dudley, Ken Wilson

*Silver Medal; 90,000 Points ~ 300 hours*
Messengers of Light ('16): Alex Senak, Joshua Brookman, Brenda Stottsberry, Pedro Espinoza, Nathan Hinzman, Larry Stottsberry
Heralds of Grace ('15): Chelsey Crawford, Bramwell Applin, Chakanaka Watch, Joseph Smith, Jana Applin, Rebecca March, Nicolas Senak, Aline Fernandes, Shaun McNeil, Melanie DeMatteo, Michael Buzzard, Dominic Nicoll
Disciples of the Cross ('14): Michelle Miller, Luke Barney, Marsha Herz, Jina Bang, Samantha Lockard, Ashley Mineard, Maribel Medina, Byunghoon Bang, Brandon Cottrell, Allison Cornish, Jose Hernandez, Jorge Rosado
Proclaimers of the Resurrection('13): Rafa Viana, Denise Martin
Staff: Marie Larrinaga, Chari Knight-Nagel, Pat Abder

*Bronze Medal; 40,000 Points ~ 135 hours*
Messengers of Light ('16): Kathryn Bender, Kelsey Senak, Railene Griffin, Melanie Ortiz, Trisha Smouse, Alberta Rakestraw, Jonathan Quatela, Gene Spence, Bree Barker, Angelica Spence
Heralds of Grace ('15): Michael Buzzard, Gilberto Rivera, Hannah Dale, Taylor Senak, Katie Mayes, Giovanni Otero, Ivan Velasquez, Barri Vazquez-Brandon, Loreita Vaughan, Stacy McNeil, Elizabeth Nicoll, Christine Scheibner, Brittany Bender, Rebecca Smith, Carmen Colon
Disciples of the Cross ('14): Justin Barter, Ashley Luzader, Jessie Rock, Dawn Carter, Joel Lyle, Kama Lyle, Lizbeth Rosado, Selah Bender, Raquel Hernandez, Ashley Fulmer, Allison Ward, Martin Tripari, Hwang Lim, Nephtalie Joseph, Nydia Martinez, Adriana Gonzalez, Jonathan Lewis, Lemuel Cuascut, Jimmy Susa, Larry Fulmer, Chris Han, Glamaris Santiago, Melissa Susa, Gretchen Muñoz, David Bender, Jeremiah Eisley
Proclaimers of the Resurrection ('13): David Eric Kelly, Luz Cristina Valdes, Tim Devine, Joseph Hansen, Emmanuel Echavarria, Minni Cleveland, Brennen Hinzman, Edelyne Lalanne, Dabiel Valdes
Staff: John Opina, James Cocker, Bobby Meitrott, Heather Odom, Edwin Veillard, Cheryl Watson, Andres DiCaterina, Fran Cronin, Ronald Foreman, Sandra Heintz, DJ McBride, Charlotte Wilson, Ismael Correa