5K Information & Registration!

2015 CFOT 5K

This year’s t-shirt design! Lime green cotton shirt with navy ink.

2015 CFOT 5K Run/Walk

Saturday, May 9th, 2015
CFOT Campus

5K = 3.12 miles ~ 6x around the marked out loop on campus

Entry Fee

$10 per person OR
$25 per family
Please pay with cash or check and give to Chari at any time before the race, up to and including at the race. Checks should be made out to “The Salvation Army” with “CFOT 5K” in the memo. You will get your t-shirt once you’ve paid.


1st-3rd place medals in each category

Race Specifics

  • Please arrive by 7:30am. The race starts at 8AM!
  • You need to check-in upon arrival, even if you already paid and have your shirt
  • Anyone who hasn’t paid, can pay and get their shirt at the race
  • 5K = 3.12 miles ~ 6x around the marked out loop on campus. You’ll get a thin silicone wrist band each time you go around, plus an imprinted red one for your last loop!
  • We will be timing the race the “old school” way with stop watches.
5K 2014

5K at Rockland Lake, 2014


Sign-up Below!

One entry per racer.  If there are 4 in your family that want to officially register, then this form needs to be filled out 4 times, one for each person.  After you hit “submit registration” the form will re-set and you can enter someone else.

Note again that you are welcome to bring your kids who are not officially registered in the race. You can bring strollers and whatever else and have them join you anyway. They just can’t get a t-shirt or awards.

Questions?: Contact Chari at charelle.knight-nagel@use.salvationarmy.org or call: ext. 21430 or 845-770-5103



Choose "N/A" here and the next 2 questions if you are ONLY ordering a t-shirt (for $10)

 12 and under 13-17 18-29 30-39 40-49 50+ N/A


 Male Female N/A


Choose "Run/Walk" if you want the freedom to run or walk or both.
If you choose "Walk Only" you cannot do any running or jogging. This way it's fair for the walkers!

 Run/Walk Walk Only N/A

Waiver and Release Statement

 I agree to the registration waiver below (must agree to participate)
I know that running/walking a race/trail is a potentially hazardous activity and that I should not enter unless I am medically/physically able to do so. I assume all risks associated with running/walking this event including but not limited to: falls, contact with other participants, the effect of the weather, including low or high temperatures/humidity, traffic, and the conditions of the course, all such risks being known to me. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive and release and discharge The Salvation Army, any and all of its officers, members, racers, volunteers, race sponsors, their representatives/employees, race officials, local and state police, and all municipalities including any and all of their agents, employees, assigns or anyone acting for or on their behalf from any and all claims or liability of death, personal injury or property damage of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of or in the course of my participation in this event.

Media Release Statement

 I agree to the media release below (not required)
I grant full permission to sponsors, organizers, and or agents authorized by them to use any photographs, video tapes, motion pictures, recordings or any other record of this event for any reasonable purpose.

T-shirt Size

You are not guaranteed to get your ordered size of shirt, or any shirt after April 27th when I have to submit the t-shirt order.

 Youth Medium Youth Large Small Medium Large XL 2X 3X

Any Comments?

Records to Beat!

  • Male Run: 20:56
    Dr. Harry Pino, 2015
  • Female Run: 26:30
    Rachel Griner, 2011
  • Male Walk: 35:56
    Damon Bethel, 2013
  • Female Walk: 40:48
    Shannon Jones, 2012

2015 Participants

Total: 103 + 15
ShececeVabBab, Alexraf, Binakesere, Ermenon, EmFrula, Davidgok, Tamesfeelp, Gandonmix, Richardver, Dennisbox, MilesGum, Davidzed, Zodiacazt, Xlaqykr, Garminzhux, SurusHaft, PorganVata, Inesneof, Sulfocklef, Dolokcig, Oskoka, Kentml, Gelfordrest, Xardasgor, ElberMor, MezirZeld, RonarVata, Umulvag, Felipekep, Marlonig, AbeTup, Rosariodap, Kevindrosy, GBrozavetrov, strayker, NahouseSwIde, KarinaGen, Boschsyo, Melvingen, top, biolleaF, BarryStink, JennieMr, Matthewfef, JulioSig, WayneNar, CharlesTub, Capt. Stephanie Thompson, Lt. Danielle Hopping, Minerva Colon-Pino, Harry Pino, Faith Suhoney, Annabelle Suhoney, Leanne Suhoney, Emma Suhoney, Teri Jo Suhoney, Samantha Jeffery, Rob Jeffery, Carmen Campbell, Chelsea Campbell, Colby Campbell, Kaily Campbell, Lynette Saxon, Dolly Vasquez, William Graneau, christopher suhoney, E; Lewanne Dudley, Mabel Andino, Madision McNeil, Emily McNeil, Shaun McNeil, Stacy McNeil, jamie suhoney, Nate Hinzman, Jongwoo Kim, Jennifer Burke, Grace Cho, Jacob Buzzard, Lillian Buzzard, Michael Buzzard, Ivan Velasquez, Jim Guest, Lois Guest, Ingrid Moreno, Rebecca March, Kathryn Mayes, Andres Di Caterina, Daphne Abdela, Cindy-Lou Drummond, Melanie Ortiz, Pedro Espinoza, Barri Vazquez-Brandon, John Opina, Kathryn Opina , Jonathan Quatela, Jennifer Buzzard, Grace A. Mullins, Luis Nahum Saez, Railene Griffin, Angelica Spence, Mackenzie Spence, Drake Spence, Gene Spence, Gina Larrinaga , Kaiser Larrinaga, Mari Gonzalez-Larrinaga, Federico Larrinaga, Major Marie Larrinaga, Major Federico Larrinaga, Christina Johnson , Cameryn Johnson , Maxton Johnson , Jasmine Larrinaga-Johnson, Trisha Smouse, Bree Barker, Alberta Rakestraw, Josh Brookman, Mary Hughes

2014 Participants

Ivan Velasquez, Christina Johnson (Larrinaga), Maxton Johnson (Larrinaga, Rebecca Bang, Byunghoon Bang, Aline Fernandes, E. Lewanne Dudley, Major, Damon Bethel, Luke Barney, Ronald Foreman, Dorine Foreman, Grace Cho, Kai Gonzalez, Mari Larrinaga, Federico Larrinaga, Jasmine Larrinaga-Johnson, Major Marie Larrinaga, Major Federico Larrinaga, Ann Marie Rutella, Mary Hughes, CL Drummond, Martha Jenson, Charles Drummond, Carmen, Kaily, Chelsea, Colby Campbell, Nephtalie Joseph, Gillian E Romero, Gabrielle E Romero, Giovanni E Romer Jr., Giovanni E Romero, Christina Burdick, Shareena N. Lee, Allison Cornish , Zee, Rebecca March, Emma Smith, Julia Smith, Rebecca Smith, Joseph Smith, Allison Ward , Chelsey Crawford, Ashley Fulmer, Larry Fulmer, Cadet Kathryn Mayes

2013 Participants

CARMEN, COLBY, Kaily, Isaac Watson, Frederico Larrinaga, Damon Bethel, Melissa Sua, Jimmy Susa, Justin Barter, Nephtalie Joseph, Marsha Herz, Marta Arocho, Raymond Arocho, Larry Fulmer, Ashley Fulmer, Major Wesley S. Geddes, Ronald Foreman, David B. Davis, E. Lewanne Dudley, Ashley Mineard, Sherry Moukouangala, Kathryn Opina , Allison Cornish, Rafael Viana, Joel Lye, Brennen Hinzmn, Zee , Sandra Heintz, ThaisViana, Giovanni E Romero, Luke Barney, Chastity Hansen, Allison Ward, Cheryl Watson

5K Training

1 Month 5K Training Plan Other plans are here too

9 Week Couch to 5K Workout Plan

Audio Trainer Couch to 5K Audio trainer tells you what to do while working out: 9 week plan.

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